Leaving Bath

“The fog had once again snuck up in the night, bringing with it an autumn chill that lingered with the water in the air. The distant houses were shrouded and calm. Morning quiet ruled the streets. That is until the church bells rung with piercing clarity, sounding in the day with solemn consistency.” –written on the train ride back

I wandered around some more, waiting for my 11 o’clock train back to London. I ended up walking from my Airbnb to Central Bath, enjoying the quiet and the scenery. I would miss this when I got back to the hustle and bustle of the city.

I didn’t have time to do much, so I just stopped by a place that my Airbnb hosts had recommended: Sally Lunn’s. Famous for being the originator of the Bath bun and for being the oldest residential house in the town, this little building is a well-known tourist destination. In fact, while I was there, I watch from inside as gaggles of people snapped pictures of the place. And at my table in the restaurant, I was surrounded by Asian tourists. While I ate my Bath bun, I watch three Chinese women struggle to order their tea, pointing to their guidebook written in Mandarin to try to make the waiter understand.

I finished my bun just in time to make my way to the train station. I took one last look at Bath, watching the sun start to come out from beneath the fog as it illuminated the ancient stone buildings. I smiled as I walked into the station.

On the way back, I looked at the pictures I took over the weekend:


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