From Paul to Potter

Since the London Eye is overrated (and overpriced), to give our friend Alexa a view of the city, Zoe, her roommate, and I decided to take her to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Built between 1675-1710, the building has seen an amazing amount of history: From the fallout of the British civil war to the Blitz (in which it served as both a navigation point for the Germans and a rallying point for the English). I had been meaning to visit since I came to London.

I wish I could show off photos of the breathtakingly ornate and elegant interior, but pictures are expressly forbidden within the cathedral.  What we were allowed to take pictures of was the view from the dome. You see, included within the ticket price is the ability to climb all 528 steps to the top, first to the Stone Gallery and then to the Golden Gallery. And I thought the inside of St. Paul’s was breathtaking…

After we were back on Earth, our legs aching from the exertion, we hurried to catch out bus to the Warner Brother’s studio to do what else but see the Harry Potter studio tour.

Alexa and Zoe were ecstatic, the giggling-uncontrollably, unable-to-stop-smiling type of ecstatic. I was excited but much tamer. While I’m a fan of Harry Potter (both the movies and books), it simple wasn’t as big of a part of my life as it was for them. But once we were grandly shown into the Great Hall at the beginning of the tour, I began to understand what they were feeling. The place was beautifully designed to engage people in not only the Potter-ness of everything but also the craft of the movies. It brilliantly showcased all the detail and talent involved within the making of all eight films. Everything was a monument to classic movie magic (literally and figuratively), and it was the film geek in me that became ecstatic.


3 thoughts on “From Paul to Potter

  1. The Harry Potter Studio Tour is incredible, I loved it. I haven’t been to St. Paul’s yet, I thought the tickets were quite expensive considering it’s a religious building but I would love to see it! Great Pictures!


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