“Make sure to keep me updated on your travels.”

Ever since I moved from Austin, Texas to Boston, Mass. for college, I’ve been traveling more than I have in my entire life. Every once in a while, a family member or friends would ask me how things were going, and I’d tell them one after another. There weren’t many, so it wasn’t much of a hassle. But ever since I went off to study abroad in London and began traveling in general more and more, it seemed that everyone wanted to know everything: the sights, the sounds, the people, all my adventures.

“I’m living vicariously through you,” they’d joke.

So from where I stood, I have two options: 1) Tell each of them, individually, about everything that happens, or 2) Tell them all at once. Since, I didn’t see them getting together to listen to me speak occurring any time soon (that would cause such a headache), the internet was the obvious choice.

So here I am, ready to write.

I don’t know if anyone other than my family and friends will read this. But I don’t really care. The internet is a vast and weird space where ideas either randomly fly or live quietly amongst a few readers, and there’s almost no way to tell which will be which. So whatever happens, at least I know that what I saw and did will be recorded for the future, and that is enough.

Note: Because of time constraints, my writing on this site will be less formal than seen elsewhere online (I’m speaking here of Boston University’s Culture Shock blog or my more professional portfolio site).


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